Buffalo State

Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

SUNY Buffalo State

A Place to Learn, Grow, and Prepare for Your Future

Students find that Buffalo State provides the best of both worlds—a suburban-like campus in a vibrant, metropolitan neighborhood. The stimulating intellectual and cultural environment offers many informal social and recreational opportunities. The focus is on academics, with an emphasis on applied, marketable skills grounded in a strong liberal arts education. Buffalo State is large enough to offer a tremendous variety of educational programs, yet small enough to offer personal attention in small classes.

Excellent, Comprehensive Academic Offerings

Buffalo State’s 166 major and minor undergraduate programs include several unavailable at any other State University of New York (SUNY) institution: communication design, creative studies, fashion and textile technology, fibers, forensic chemistry, metals/jewelry, urban and regional analysis and planning, and wood/furniture design. The college’s visual arts program is one of the largest and most comprehensive within SUNY. Building on its historical foundation as a teachers college, Buffalo State continues to earn national recognition for the quality of its teacher-preparation programs.

Quality Learning Environment

Buffalo State fosters a learning environment that focuses on advancing each student’s potential. With one faculty member for every 17 students, students interact directly with qualified, committed instructors—four out of five hold the highest degrees in their fields.

Support programs assist students through mentoring, tutorials, workshops, and independent learning experiences. Honors curricula provide enrichment opportunities for advanced students. Campus resources address the specific needs of minority students, students with disabilities, and adult learners.

Diverse Student Body

Buffalo State’s 11,000-plus students represent the largest and most diverse student body of the SUNY colleges. The college enrolls significant proportions of nontraditional (adult), first-generation, and disadvantaged students with demonstrated potential.

Hands-on Career Preparation

Buffalo State and the Western New York community offer plenty of convenient opportunities for students to "learn by doing" through internships with local organizations.

Students gain valuable skills through involvement with applied research and community service programs sponsored by campus centers.

Students preparing to be teachers are involved in classrooms early in their academic careers, and they learn in a variety of educational settings—urban, rural, and suburban. Undergraduate students are encouraged to engage in original research, with assistance from faculty mentors.

Those who wish to learn by experiencing distant places and cultures can earn college credit by participating in a variety of study abroad and national student exchange opportunities.

Convenient, Attractive Campus

The college’s park-like setting features landscaped green space and outdoor gathering spots, along with an eclectic mix of modern and traditional architecture. With 38 buildings on one campus, every destination is within easy walking distance. Forming a "town square" for the college community, four core buildings, including E. H. Butler Library and the Campbell Student Union, are situated around a central, open quadrangle.

Vibrant, Metropolitan Neighborhood

Home to the Burchfield Penney Art Center and the Performing Arts Center at Rockwell Hall, Buffalo State’s campus is a featured attraction of Buffalo’s Elmwood Museum District. Nationally recognized cultural and recreational amenities are within easy walking distance, including the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and the historic 367-acre Delaware Park. Distinctive shops and restaurants help give "the Elmwood strip" its characteristic flavor.

Buffalo and Beyond

Buffalo State students enjoy all the advantages of living in New York State’s second-largest metropolitan area. Downtown Buffalo features national touring productions at Shea’s Performing Arts Center, AAA minor-league baseball at Coca-Cola Park, Sabres hockey and major concerts at HSBC Arena, and trendy night life along Chippewa Street. Niagara Falls—one of the world’s most visited natural wonders—is a half-hour away; cosmopolitan Toronto, Canada’s largest city, is about a two-hour drive from campus.

The State University of New York

As a comprehensive public university, the State University of New York provides a meaningful educational experience to the broadest spectrum of learners. More than 414,000 students are pursuing traditional study in classrooms and laboratories or are working at home, at their own pace, through such innovative institutions as the SUNY Learning Network and Empire State College.

The Covenant

Buffalo State Is Committed to Providing:

Superb Teaching Faculty

Buffalo State faculty members are:

  • Dedicated teachers.
  • Nationally renowned scholars who bring the latest research to the classroom.
  • Degreed professionals, not teaching assistants.
  • Among the best in SUNY—more than 50 have received the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence.

Innovative and Relevant Programs

  • The Intellectual Foundations 2014 (IF 14) or core curriculum ensures that students have a broad-based education.
  • The professional curriculum—the academic major—prepares students for career success.
  • Accredited professional programs.*
  • State-of-the-art technologies, facilities, and library.

An Excellent Learning Environment

  • The only SUNY campus in a major metropolitan area, offering exceptional cultural and recreational opportunities—all within walking distance.
  • A dynamic and diverse faculty, staff, and student body.
  • Strong student support and academic services, delivered by a committed professional staff.
  • Outstanding library, with a strong technical and computing infrastructure.

The Buffalo State Student Is Committed to:

First and Foremost, Being a Student

Academics is the driving, paramount goal of student life. It means a dedication to study and being fully prepared for classroom, laboratory, or studio.

Making Progress Toward a Degree

Advance through your program at the expected pace, whether you are a full-time, part-time, day, or evening student.


*Copies of accreditation papers are on file and may be viewed upon request.

Oath of Matriculation

As a new student to Buffalo State, being now admitted to the rite of matriculation in baccalaureate studies, I do pledge to be an exemplary learner; to place the highest value on my intellectual, personal, and professional growth; and to respect learning and knowledge.

My priority is to be an educated person, to make significant progress in my program of study, and to graduate. As a student at Buffalo State, I will conduct myself with dignity, honesty, and civility, respecting the views and diverse backgrounds of my teachers and peers, enhancing the quality of life of my community, and promoting the welfare and esteemed reputation of Buffalo State. This I pledge to myself.

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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

Buffalo State Undergraduate Programs


SUNY Buffalo State

Facilities, Services, and Special Programs



Financial Aid

Academic Policies

Academic Organization

Collegewide Degree Requirements for Baccalaureate Degrees

Undergraduate Major and Minor Programs

Undergraduate Major Programs at a Glance

Undergraduate Minor Programs at a Glance

Anthropology (B.A.)

Art (B.A.)

Art Education (PK–12, B.F.A.)

Art Education (PK–12, B.S.)

Art Education (PK–12, PTCP)

Art History (B.A.)

Arts and Letters (B.A.)

Biology (B.A.)

Business Administration (B.S.)

Business and Marketing Education (B.S.)

Business and Marketing Education (PTCP)

Career and Technical Education (B.S.)*

Career and Technical Education (PTCP)*

Ceramics (B.F.A.)

Ceramics (B.S.)

Chemistry (B.S.)

Childhood Education (Grades 1–6, B.S.)

Childhood Education and English Extension (Grades 1–6 and English 7-9, B.S.)

Childhood Education and French Extension (Grades 1–6 and French 7-9, B.S.)

Childhood Education and Italian Extension (Grades 1–6 and Italian 7-9, B.S.)

Childhood Education and Mathematics Extension (Grades 1–6 and Mathematics 7-9, B.S.)

Childhood Education and Social Studies Extension (Grades 1–6 Social Studies and 7-9, B.S.)

Childhood Education and Spanish Extension (Grades 1–6 and Spanish 7-9, B.S.)

Communication Programs

Communication Design (B.F.A.)

Communication Studies (B.A.)

Computer Information Systems (B.S.)*

Criminal Justice (B.S.)


Dietitian Education Program (B.S.)

Didactic Program in Nutrition and Dietetics (B.S.)

Early Childhood and Childhood Education (Birth - Grade 6, Combined Program)

Early Childhood Education (Birth - Grade 2, B.S.)

Earth Sciences (B.S.)

Economics (B.A.)

Economics (B.S.)

Electrical Engineering Technology (Electronics) (B.S.)*

Electrical Engineering Technology (Smart Grid) (B.S.)*

English Programs

English (B.A.)

English Education (7–12, B.S.)

English Education (7–12, PTCP)

Exceptional Education and Childhood Education (B.S.Ed.)

Family and Consumer Sciences Education (B.S.)

Fashion and Textile Technology (B.S.)

Fibers (B.F.A.)

Fibers (B.S.)

Fine Arts

Forensic Chemistry (B.S.)

French Education (7–12, PTCP)

French (B.A.)

Geography (B.A.)

Geology (B.A.)

Health and Wellness (B.S.)

History (B.A.)

Hospitality Administration (B.S.)

Individualized Studies (B.S.)*

Industrial Technology (B.S.)*

Interior Design (B.F.A.)

International Relations (B.A.)

Journalism (B.A.)

Mathematics (B.A.)

Mathematics—Applied (B.S.)

Mathematics Education (7–12, B.S.)

Mathematics Education (7–12, 5–6 Extension, B.S.)

Mathematics Education (7–12, PTCP)

Mathematics Education (7–12, 5 – 6 Extension; PTCP)

Mechanical Engineering Technology (B.S.)*

Media Production (B.A.)

Metals/Jewelry (B.F.A.)

Metals/Jewelry (B.S.)

Music (B.A.)

Music Education (Pre-K–12, B.Mus.)

Painting (B.F.A.)

Philosophy (B.A.)

Photography (B.F.A.)

Physics (B.A.)

Physics (B.S.)

Physics Education (7–12, B.S.)

Physics Education (7–12, 5–6 Extension, B.S.)

Political Science (B.A.)

Printmaking (B.F.A.)

Psychology (B.A.)

Psychology (B.S.)

Public Communication (B.A.)

Sculpture (B.F.A.)

Social Studies Education (7–12, B.S.)

Social Studies Education (7–12, 5–6 Extension, B.S.)

Social Studies Education (7–12, PTCP)

Social Studies Education (7–12, 5–6 Extension, PTCP)

Social Work (B.S.)*

Sociology (B.A.)

Spanish Education (7–12, PTCP)

Spanish (B.A.)

Speech-Language Pathology (B.S.)

Technology Education (B.S.)

Technology Education (PTCP)

Television and Film Arts (B.A.)

Theater (B.A.)

Urban and Regional Planning (B.S.)*

Wood/Furniture (B.F.A.)

Wood/Furniture (B.S.)

Writing (B.A.)

Undergraduate Major and Minor Programs

Course Listings

AAS - African and African American Studies

AED - Art Education

ALT - Arts and Letters

AMT - Applied Mathematics

ANT - Anthropology

ARA - Arabic

ATS - Art Therapy Studies

BIO - Biology

BME - Business and Marketing Education

BSC - University College

BUS - Business

CEL - Community Engaged Learning

CHE - Chemistry

CHI - Chinese

CIS - Computer Information System

COM - Communication

CRJ - Criminal Justice

CRS - International Center for Studies in Creativity

CTE - Career and Technical Education

CWP - College Writing Program

DAN - Dance

DES - Design

DMP - Digital Music Production

ECO - Economics

EDU - Education

ELS - English Language Secondary

ENG - English

ENS - Environmental Science

ENT - Engineering Technology

ESL - English Second Language

EWS - Education Workshops

EXE - Exceptional Education

FAR - Fine Arts

FCS - Family and Consumer Sciences Education

FIN - Finance

FLE - Foreign Language Education

FOR - Forensic Science

FRE - French

FTT - Fashion and Textile Technology

GEG - Geography

GER - German

GES - Geosciences

GRK - Greek

GST - Global Studies

HEW - Health and Wellness

HIS - History

HON - All College Honors Program

HPR - Coaching and Physical Education

HTR - Hospitality and Tourism

HUM - Humanities

IDE - Interior Design

INS - Individualized Studies

ITA - Italian

LAT - Latin

LIB - Library

MAT - Mathematics

MCL - Modern and Classical Languages

MED - Mathematics Education

MST - Museum Studies

MUS - Music

NFS - Dietetics and Nutrition

PAD - Public Administration

PHI - Philosophy

PHY - Physics

PLN - Planning

PSC - Political Science

PSY - Psychology

REL - Religious Studies

SAF - Safety Studies

SCI - Science

SED - Science Education

SLP - Speech Language Pathology

SOC - Sociology

SPA - Spanish

SPC - Speech Communication

SPF - Social Psychological Foundations

SSE - Social Studies Education

SWK - Social Work

TEC - Technology

TED - Technology Education

TFA - Television and Film Arts

THA - Theater Arts

UNC - University College

WGS - Women and Gender Studies